Your body is at least 70% water. But what water are you made of?

Kangen Water is a delicious, healthiest and the purest form of water, created using breakthrough water technology over the years. It’s perfect for drinking and healthy cooking! It’s as fresh as it can get!

We, at Fish N Meat Basket are introducing Kangen Water for the first time in India and we’re going to use this revolutionary method in our fish and meat cleaning process so that you can get the best!

This scientific process is broken into two steps. The cleaning is done by an 11.5 pH water base and bacteria is removed by a 2.5 pH water base which is a sterilizer level approved by the FDA.

Kangen water is high alkaline water which not only makes your meat 99.9% bacteria and chemical free but gets rid of the fishy odour and strong meat smells. It acts as a tenderiser as well.

Kangen water cleans and disinfects to meet Health Department standards without chemicals or leaving toxic residues. Pesticides are oil-based, so rain water and tap water cannot get rid of them. But Strong Kangen Water is a powerful agent that will break apart the pesticide, leaving your food clean and chemical-free.

This electrolytically-reduced, oxygen-rich water works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which is optimal for good health.

For over four decades, Japan-based Enagic International has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in the world.

Since 1974, Enagic has been a pioneer and innovator in alkaline water ionization technologies. By integrating scientific research with superior Japanese craftsmanship Enagic’s Kangen Water® systems enhance nature’s most vital life source, water, around the world.



Drink Kangen Water® throughout the day. Unlike tap water, Kangen Water® has no unpleasant odour, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavour. It’s the purest form

Food Preparation

Cleans and makes your vegetables, fish and meat 99.9% bacteria and chemical free. It also cuts your cooking time, which saves you your time and energy. Enhance the flavours of your food by pre-boiling in Kangen Water®. You can now use less condiments and salt

Coffee and Tea

You’ll be surprised at the wonderful colour, taste, and aroma of coffee or tea prepared with Kangen Water®. You can now also use less coffee or tea and still achieve a full rich taste due to the water’s extractable ability

Environment Friendly

No chemicals are used at all

This is why 1 out of every 6 households in Japan uses Kangen Water technology in their homes. It is vital to human health.

Kangen, in Japanese, literally means, “BACK TO ORIGIN.

There are still a few places on the planet today where people line up to fill their water jugs with water similar to what is coming out of the Kangen Water System. Those places are; Lourdes, France, Tiacote, Mexico, Nadan, India, Nordenau, Germany and the Himalayan mountains. You could travel to those places and fill your water jugs with the same, high-powered water. Wouldn’t it be cheaper, however, to have a Kangen water unit in your home?

Not only does the Kangen water unit produce miraculous healing properties, but the machine’s capacity to produce EIGHT different PH levels gives it a myriad of other household and cosmetic uses specific to each varying PH levels!